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Medicinal properties of rose

Medicinal properties of rose

Rose with its distinctive taste and smell is one of the most widely used herbal essences. Which is mainly used in foods such as sweets, ice cream and tea, various foods and is the result of distilling rosemary.

Effects of Mohammadi rose on the skin

Rose is one of the most common and important uses for softening and cleansing the skin and is a good product for dry and sensitive skin. Rose water is a good alternative to facial cleansing cosmetics.
This product is used to create freshness and vitality of the skin, it is better to use rose water after bathing when the skin pores are open. By absorbing the essential oil in rose water by the skin, effects such as increasing blood circulation, freshness and softness in the skin are created. Frequent use of rose water for the skin can have excellent results and effects. Rose with its antiseptic and hydrating properties makes the scalp and hair soft.

Other healing properties of rose:

- Treatment of decreased libido in women due to the astringent effect of rose water

- To wash the eyes, due to their antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, to relieve fatigue and treat eye pain, some rose water is applied to the back of the eyelid.

Due to the high price of Mohammadi flower essential oil, most cosmetic products use synthetic essential oils that do not have the properties of real essential oils. Some natural essential oils are less effective and therefore less effective.

Rose water is used to treat gastrointestinal diseases such as bloating, heartburn and diarrhea.

- In the treatment of rheumatic pains

Treatment of sore throat and respiratory problems

- Strengthen the heart and stomach and relieve anxiety

- Treatment of heatstroke

Treatment of chest and throat bleeding

- Reduce body heat and strengthen the body

- For the treatment of hot people, the best way is to eat rose water with some ice, so that it produces vomit and removes bile.

Drinking and smelling "rose" relieves headaches, especially headaches caused by inhaling polluted air or hearing noise.

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